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1. With our negotiations directly with many insurers, we are encouraged that they will seek out CGA and CFGA designees for direct assignments of large losses first! 

2. As a CGA you stand above the competition when it comes to negotiating for larger fee schedules and for larger loss assignments! This is accomplished through many insurer’s making contact directly with you, the CGA, through the SCGA web site, rather than you hoping that whatever firm you’re working with makes said recommendation.

3. By holding the CGA/CFGA designation one is better armed to receive large loss assignments from I.A. firms and insurers. This means earning higher fees by virtue of larger losses rather than working a vast number of smaller claims at smaller fees just to net out the same or less earnings.

4. We have agreements in place with staffing agencies to place CGA/CFGA designees first where the opportunity exists.

5. We market our designees not just on the SCGA web site but other insurance industry web sites that also blog/promote SCGA and their members.

We are also working on many other things to offer our great designees in the near future. Like any organization, we’re growing, as we grow, what we offer grows too.